GUELPH Indoor Golf Simulator

If you are looking for a fun group activity for your next party or friend gathering, book a golf simulator package at The Manor.

Man doing a perfect golf swing at Indoor golf simulator - The Manor

Perfect Your Golf Swing at The Manor

Whether you are a single player, or in a group, and whether you play seriously or just enjoy golf recreationally as a way to hang out with friends, our virtual driving range is a great option. It is the closest thing to real golf, but you don’t need to worry about the weather.

A virtual round of golf is just like a real one, although all swings are done from the hitting mat. Our advanced equipment gives a high quality experience. Our simulator uses a photometric based tracking system that captures ball data, like golf ball speed and ball flight, and club head data, like the club head speed and club path, for the most realistic experience. It is a great way to work on game improvement in the off season, or just as a fun alternative for a more relaxed, social way to play, especially if you have a group with a wide range of skill levels.

Great for Bachelor Parties, Retirement Parties, and More

Book the golf simulator at The Manor for your next party. It makes for a great activity in a fun environment. It’s the perfect way to play if you have a wide range of skill levels in your party, and it is better for groups larger than the traditional four in golf.

Quality Simulator

The Manor offers the best Guelph golf simulator, with high quality, high technology equipment for the best experience. We offer it all – virtual golf for driving practice, and a putting golf mat area. We use the top golf simulator products, so you can really feel like you are in the game. You don’t need to be a professional golfer to enjoy getting a little extra golf practice in and enjoy a social round with friends at The Manor.

bunch of golf balls in a cup for Golf indoor simulator

Realistic Driving, for a Real Feel of Playing

The golf simulator works by taking club and ball data to simulate results, but the swing is real, with real clubs, not a swing stick, so you get a real feel for your swing path. Our golf simulator is set up with enough space for you to safely swing.

Man on sandals playing golf at Indoor golf simulator

Improve Your Short Game and Work on Your Putting

At the Manor, you can also work on your putting. We have hitting mats and putting clubs available as well, as part of our golf simulator bundle, so you can practice all parts of your game.
Indoor golf simulator set up

Golf Simulator Software for Realistic Game Play

The Manor has the best golf simulator setup, with a superior launch monitor and simulator system. Our simulation software is accurate, for a true prediction of swing results. Pick from some of the world’s best courses and try new courses you always wanted to play.

golf ball in close up shot and golf swing on the grass

A Fun Alternative to Golf Courses

During winter or inclement weather, an indoor golf simulator is the perfect solution, for when you can’t go to a driving range or a golf course. You could get your own home golf simulator, but those are expensive and not as accurate. Also, golf is a social sport that should be enjoyed, out with friends and company.With our simulator and simulator screen, you get to try out world golf tour courses with your friends. Plus, at the golf simulator at The Manor, you don’t need to wait until the ninth-hole or after the golf game to enjoy a drink.

Become a Member and Enjoy Full Access to Golf

Become a member at The Manor for easy access to golfing any day of the week. Become one of the growing numbers taking advantage of this unique opportunity. A golf club membership at The Manor allows you to play on the best golf simulator package for an exclusive experience. You get to work on your short and long game, and best of all, enjoy a fun atmosphere.

Premium Golf System - Advanced Enough to Help Your Golf Game

Keep up on your golf game all winter long, and even during the summer when the weather is off or you don’t have time for a full 18 holes. Our system is professional quality, so it is accurate enough to use for improving your technique and game. Don’t let your swing skills fade off in the winter, and stay in perfect golf shape.

Regardless of keeping your skills up – who wants to go all winter without playing? Simulators are infinitely more fun than plain indoor ranges. For those who can’t bear to go months without a game, our simulator is the next best thing – or possibly even better since you can play top courses you might not get to otherwise. Become a member, and enjoy the simulators whenever you want.

Man playing golf with The Manor's indoor golf simulator set up