The Best Strip Club Bachelor Party in Guelph

Enjoy many of the premium bottles on ice available at any moment during your stay!

Party at The Manor, where your fantasies become reality. The Manor is your destination for an unforgettable bachelor party, divorce party, or other bash.

Your Adult Bachelor Party - Guelph and Toronto Region's Hottest Club

Come to the Manor and turn your fantasies into reality. We provide the hottest entertainment for your bachelor party, divorce party, guys’ reunion, birthday escape, bachelorette party, or any other gathering or event. Whether you are the best man of the groom-to-be starting to plan the stag party, or a group planning a special annual guy’s night out reunion, we are your one stop shop for the best party. We feature with your own dedicated stripper pole for private shows and a memorable evening. Talk to your event manager to gather as many entertainers as can fit in your booth! Be the absolute best friend ever, and book the bachelor party here.

Hottest Bachelor Party Entertainment

The Manor can compete with Las Vegas for the wildest bachelor parties. Surprise the groom with a stag night he won’t forget. Whether you are planning events for a full bachelor weekend or a crazy, full-go unparalleled night, The Manor delivers.

Not Just for Bachelor Parties

The Manor’s adult entertainment is perfect for more than just the groom’s party. Plan your bachelorette parties, retirement parties, reunions and more at The Manor. Whatever the celebration is, The Manor is your ticket to a good time.
Sexy stripper bending on a pole at a Strip club bachelor party in Guelph, ON

For Wild Destination Bachelor Parties You Won't Forget

Schedule your bachelor party at The Manor, and know that you are guaranteed a great time. Numbers can be flexible to fit your guest list, so you can have as many of your close friends as you want for the party. The groom will have a wild send off, to say goodbye to his single life, before starting his new chapter as a husband.

The Manor can handle any group and will take care of all the details for your bachelor party. Book accommodations at the hotel, and you can turn this into a weekend trip for an extra-special occasion. We offer food, as well, so you can have dinner and entertainment. The highlight, though, is our beautiful women. They are talented entertainers, and friendly, and will captivate you, dancing for you at your private pole. At a bachelor party at The Manor, you are our special guests. The groom will love everything about his stag party held in his honor.

Your Location for the Best Parties

Become a member of The Manor, and you and your closest friends can have all of our bachelor parties, annual guys’ get togethers, birthday parties, and just casual weekend outings at The Manor House. This is your invitation to enjoy all the fun and entertainment of the Manor every weekend. We are the top location for the hottest parties and most beautiful women. Stop deciding where to go every weekend, and just come to where the most fun is.

Need Bachelor Party Ideas?
We Have Everything You Need

If you are looking for bachelor party ideas, and wondering what you need for the best bachelor party, The Manor has you covered. You supply the groom, groomsmen, groom’s close friends, and we do the rest. For the most unforgettable bachelor party, you need beautiful women; we have those, at your private pole by your booth! You need a fun atmosphere, with music and a party ambiance; we have that covered as well! We offer friendly service, and will take care of your group. You and your closest friends can just celebrate.

Sexy stripper dancing on a pole at a Strip club bachelor party in Guelph, ON

The Manor Features the Most Beautiful Dancers for Entertainment

While we offer great food, and a mix of the best music, our talented and gorgeous dancers are the main attraction. They are captivating pole dancers, dancing for your private entertainment at your private pole, or you can watch the main floor show – whatever you decide. Let the manager know, and you can have as many of our classy entertainers as possible at your booth. Lap dances for guests are available.

Group of friends drink of many bottle liquor at the Strip club bachelor party in Guelph, ON

Dinner and a Show, All at Your Booth

Enjoy having it all, right at your booth, so you can sit back, enjoy the show, and socialize with your closest friends.

3 sexy strippers standing on a pole at a Strip club bachelor party in Guelph, ON

Offering the Best Strip Club Bachelor Party - Guelph and Beyond

Book with The Manor, and we will ensure you have one of the best possible bachelor parties around. If you are in Guelph or the greater Toronto area, The Manor provides a unique location and an amazing experience. We offer the fantasy experience of a lifetime for the groom.

For Your Pre-Wedding Party and More

Come to The Manor for more than just bachelor events. While we are known for pre-wedding bachelor bashes, we have plenty to offer for other occasions, and for regular weekends with the guys. Make The Manor your guys’ weekend tradition – it is a tradition that won’t be hard to keep

Sexy stripper dancing on a pole at a Strip club bachelor party in Guelph, ON

Enjoy Hospitality at The Manor

Enjoy our food service at The Manor, as well. We offer a range of snacks or dinner options, for your pre-wedding gatherings, or anytime. As a member, you can come in to enjoy a meal, with the added benefit of our entertainers’ fabulous dancing on the side. Our music and atmosphere makes a stop at The Manor enjoyable any time. You can even check out our golf simulator for something different. As a member, you get the benefit of our hospitality, whenever you want it.