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What Is An Indoor Golf Simulator?

With outdoor courses closed during the cold and wet seasons, you may find that your swing needs some fine-tuning during your first game back. 

Golf simulators have recently surged in popularity, and for good reason! Here is your guide to golf simulators and how you can use them even during the winter to enhance your game.

What Is A Golf Simulator?

Whether you’re a casual or an avid golfer, you’ve probably heard of a golf simulator system. For those that may not know what it is, a golf simulator is a high-tech system that enables players to practice golf indoors by playing different golf courses or on a virtual driving range. 

It is a computerized golf setup that creates a golf setting and is meant to mimic the real game by using your own golf club and balls. As well, some programs are created to help players improve their swing, stance, and overall gameplay.

How Does A Golf Simulator Work?

Playing golf on the simulator

If you’ve ever tried a golf simulator, you know just how easy they are to use once they are set up. Most golf simulators work very similarly to the real game which will make it easier for players who are new to the system. 

To use the simulation software, players can place a golf ball in the designated hitting mat (usually a swing mat) of the simulator setup. Depending on the golf simulator software that is used, you may be able to place the golf ball anywhere within a wide area, while hitting mats require a very specific placement.  

Once your real ball is placed correctly on the golf simulator golf mat, you can take your swing into the golf net. 

The golf simulator works by using high-speed cameras, doppler radar technology, sensors, and launch monitors to analyze a large amount of data produced from your golf shot. Some of the information gathered by these camera-based systems include:

  • ball speed and club head speed
  • ball course
  • spin and spin path
  • launch angle
  • smash factor
  • club path or golf swing path

The simulator uses this ball, swing, and club data to determine where your golf balls will land on the course and will track ball flight on the impact screen in front of you. 

For avid golfers hoping to improve their game, the simulator screen will also display statistics and ball data to players. After your shot, the simulator will take you to your next shot until you’ve finished the hole. Most simulators even simulate putting and chipping. 

An indoor golf simulator is a great way to practice and play golf without needing to go to a real golf course. Virtual golf can benefit both casual golfers and PGA tour players who need to prepare for a game. 

As well, a golf simulator can feature virtual versions of famous courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, PGA National, and more.

What Is Included In Golf Simulator Packages?

There are different kinds of golf simulators that can vary in size and quality. 

While a home golf simulator or portable simulators can be quite basic and small, a top-of-the-line HD golf simulator setup will be quite large and of high quality. 

That being said, home golf simulators and professional simulators feature a lot of the same things. Here are some pieces that make up a general golf simulator bundle: 

  • Enclosure: This is the structure surrounding the hitting area that is used to contain all your shots and keep any light out that could affect the screen. 
  • Impact Screen: This is the material that you hit your ball into that also displays the projected image via a projector.
  • Launch Monitor: The launch monitor is a device that reads the club, speed, ball, and swing data. 
  • Software: The software program on a computer/tablet is what displays launch monitor data, virtual courses, etc.
  • Computer/Tablet: What you need to run the software program with both a home golf simulator and an HD simulator to see your ball/club data and play virtual courses.
  • Projector: The console that connects to your computer/tablet and then puts the image from your device onto your impact screen.

How Much Is A Simulator?

If you want to be able to practice full-swing golf with the right golf simulator, you might be wondering about the price of a home simulator. 

A basic simulator will likely cost around $1,000 with the ability to purchase add-ons like access to more courses or a game improvement package. Fortunately, they are available to rent so you don’t have to make a long-term investment.

You may also consider purchasing a video game for a console that allows you to practice golf without purchasing a whole system.

Get Your Swing On: The Manor Gentlemen's Club

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Are you wanting to practice your swing? Or are you looking for a fun night out with your buddies? The Manor Gentlemen’s Club is home to a virtual simulator that will allow you to get a round in, even during the off-season. Renting the simulator VIP room costs about $65 per hour, but the fun you’ll have is priceless. Book with us today!


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